About STAR

Founded in 1898 by the Guirlani family and acquired in 1995 by the Borges Group. Star Olive Oil and Specialty Vinegar is the #1 selling brand in the Western U.S., and leading brand in total U.S. Additional products include: Spanish green olives, Greek pepperoncini, capers, anchovies, and onions.

STAR is proud to bring our family of quality products to your kitchen table.

Over 100 Years of Prosperity…

1898 – Angelo Giurlani settles in San Francisco and begins importing Mediterranean products.

1921 - A. Giurlani & Bros. expand their American trade by distributing to Northern California supermarkets.

1940 – STAR Brand Olive Oil becomes a leading product in the West.

1958 – Giurlani Bros. begins packing wine vinegar, olives, onions and capers under the STAR label.

1975 - The Giurlani Family sells the business to a Spanish olive oil company.

1995 – The Borges Group, Spain’s leading exporter of olive oil, purchases Giurlani Bros., bringing to STAR a stronger presence in the Mediterranean specialty foods arena. The name change to STAR Fine Foods better reflects the importance of the growing national brand, STAR. STAR Fine Foods becomes one of the eighty international companies owned by Borges.

2001 – Borges USA – STAR Fine Foods acquires Cara Mia brand of artichokes.

Today – STAR Fine Foods, synonymous with quality Mediterranean products, is now Borges USA – STAR Fine Foods, Inc. This name change underscores the Borges Group’s mission to become the world’s leading supplier of the highest quality foods of the Mediterranean Diet.
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