Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Greek Lemon and Rice Soup

Have left over turkey? Why not turn that it into soup?

8 cups chicken stock, preferably homemade, if not, low sodium
1 cup small or medium grain rice
4 eggs, separated
Juice of 3 lemons
Freshly ground black pepper
2 cups cooked chopped turkey meat
1 cup baby carrots
1 cup chopped celery 
1 med size onion diced

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In a large pot, saute onions in the STAR Original Olive Oil about 3 min until onions are translucent.  Add stock and bring stock to a boil with rice, carrots, celery and turkey. Simmer until tender, about 20 minutes. Season stock to taste with salt, if necessary. 

When the rice is nearing tenderness, whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl until medium peaks. Add egg yolks and lemon juice, whisking continuously.

When the rice is finished, transfer 2 cups of the hot stock to the egg/lemon mixture, adding very slowly in a constant stream and beating vigorously to prevent the eggs from solidifying.

Take the soup off the heat and add the beaten mixture back into the pot, whisking to incorporate. Serve immediately with freshly ground black pepper and a wedge of lemon.
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pumpkin Nut Cake with Maple Glaze

Pumpkin Nut Cake with Maple Glaze

Looking for a perfect ending to your Holiday Meal? You will LOVE our Pumpkin Cake!

3 cups cake flour
1 Tbsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
3 eggs
1 (30-oz) can pre-sweetened pumpkin pie mix
1/2 cup, plus 4-5 tsps. light evaporated milk
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp. maple flavoring
6-12 walnut halves

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Directions for the Cake:
Combine flour, baking powder, soda and salt in bowl and toss with fork to blend thoroughly.  In large bowl, combine olive oil eggs, pumpkin pie mix and 1/2 cup milk. Beat with electric mixer. Gradually beat in dry ingredients. Fold in chopped walnuts. Transfer to oiled fluted tube pan. Bake at 325˚ for 45 minutes or until cake tests done. Cool on rack 15 minutes then turn cake out onto rack and cool completely.

Directions for the Glaze
In small bowl, mix sugar, 4 tsps. remaining milk and maple flavoring. Stir until smooth. Add more milk, 1/2 tsp. at a time, if needed. Glaze should have a thick consistency. Drop spoonfuls of glaze evenly around the top of the cake. Set aside to allow glaze to drip down the sides of the cake. When glaze has set, garnish with walnut halves.

Serves 10-12
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cantaloupe Bruschetta with Modena Balsamic Glaze

Cantaloupe Bruschetta
We are so excited to share this recipe developed by Megan Pence-Keno of for Star Fine Foods using our new STAR Family Reserve Modena Balsamic Glaze.

Cook Time: 10 Minutes
Servings: 6

1/2 Cantaloupe, skinned and diced
8 ounces Mozzarella, diced
4 ounces Prosciutto, thinly sliced and fried
1/4 cup Basil, chiffonade
1 loaf French Baguette, sliced on the bias
2 Tbsp STAR Family Reserve Garlic Infused Olive Oil
1/3 cup STAR Family Reserve Modena Balsamic Glaze

In a large bowl, combine cantaloupe, mozzarella and basil. Gently toss to combine. Set aside. Turn on oven broiler and place rack nearest to the element. Lay sliced baguette onto a baking sheet and drizzle or brush with garlic olive oil. Place bread into broiler to toast. Remove once golden brown and allow to cool.

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In skillet over medium high heat, fry the thinly sliced prosciutto ribbons until they are crispy. Remove from skillet and drain on a paper towel. Set aside.

To assemble, top each slice of baguette with a generous portion of cantaloupe/mozzarella mixture. Top with fried prosciutto and then drizzle STAR Modena Balsamic Glaze over the top. Serve and devour.

*Note* Because cantaloupe is so juicy, do not place on baguette slices until you are ready to serve to ensure the bread stays crispy.

Recipe developed by Megan Pence-Keno of for STAR Fine Foods
Friday, November 9, 2012

Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts are an amazing food with so many health benefits.  Did you know the high fiber content of Brussels sprouts lowers our cholesterol by binding with bile acids that the liver produces from cholesterol for digesting fat?  They are also high in Antioxidants, Vitamin K and Vitamin C.  Try adding more Brussels sprouts to your diet!


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1 1/2 pounds Brussels sprouts
3 tablespoons STAR Original Garlic Olive Oil
3/4 teaspoon sea salt
freshly ground black pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Cut off the brown ends of the Brussels sprouts and pull off any yellow outer leaves and cut them in half. Mix them in a bowl or baggie with the STAR Original Garlic Olive Oil, salt and pepper. Pour them on a sheet pan and roast for 35 to 40 minutes, until crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Shake the pan from time to time to brown the sprouts evenly.
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