Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top 10 Benefits Of Olive Oil

We found this great article online at http://www.lonad.com/2010/10/17/top-10-benefits-of-olive-oil/ by Noah Houde.  Here are the reasons he listed:

1.    Olive oil is natural – if you choose to purchase organic olive oil, you can be doubly sure that you are getting the best of everything. Olive is made from natural olives, due to which its benefits are numerous. You will not only be able to lead a very healthy life, but you can cook your foods in some great tasty oil also.
2.    If you are not fond of butter or wish to replace butter, you can start using gourmet olive oil. This is very smooth and buttery and adds an excellent flavor to any recipe. You will love the taste of olive oil when it is used in making different dishes.
3.    When we think about the top benefits of olive oil, we cannot miss out that olive oil is full of nutrients which includes vitamins E, A and K. These are essential vitamins which offer us healthy living and a much better lifestyle.
4.    Organic olive oil has oleic acid which is omega 9. Omega 9 is excellent for your skin – if this is added to your daily foods, it shall help you in getting a very glowing and clear skin. Omega 9 is also known to prevent cancer – hence, it is one of those dishes which can help to improve your skin conditions.
5.    Olive oil is very good for cholesterol and heart. If you suffer from high levels of cholesterol and not able to have butter, you can easily have olive oil, as it is going to be healthy for your body and skin.
6.    If you are thinking about losing weight – just purchase gourmet olive oil. It contains fewer amounts of fats which is present in other fatty acids. So, you can have olive oil without having to worry about your weight.
7.    Olive oil is also good to lower all your chances of having gall stones. If you had a surgery of gall stones and worried about their recurrence, you should switch on to organic olive oil as it shall help to prevent your chances of getting gallstones.
8.    Blood pressure is also lowered when you use organic olive oil. It is not hydrogenated oil which is very unhealthy for our body – so this is another benefit of olive oil.
9.    Chances of getting colon cancer are also reduced when you use olive oil in your cooking. You should cook all your vegetables in organic olive oil – it shall not only offer you a great taste but shall also keep you healthy.
10.    Olive oil is beneficial as it adds a unique taste to foods which are cooked in this oil. The unique feature of this oil is that its nutrients are retained.


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