Wednesday, April 20, 2011

North American Olive Oil Association Press Dinner

We recently participated in the North American Olive Oil Association press dinner in New York City.  The menu featured olive oil across various uses in the appetizers, salad, pasta, main course and dessert.  The food was incredible!

Mache lettuce, pencil asparagus & quail egg salad

Risotto mantecato, baby calamari, mussels & parsley. Traditional risotto is made with cheese and butter; this dish was made in a slightly different way, using olive oil to create the rich flavor

lowly braised beef shoulder, extra virgin olive oil mashed potatoes & crunchy prosciutto: This dish will featurd a preparation similar to confit (cooking meat in its own fat), with the beef cooked in olive oil instead of its own beef fat. This style of cooking with olive oil is a somewhat newer, healthier preparation to achieve the rich flavor that comes from the confit-style of cooking

Red wine poached pear terrine, olive oil-rosemary sorbet


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