Monday, September 24, 2012

Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers of Borage, Corinader, Honeysukle, Mustard & Nasturtium
Flowers can make any dish more beautiful and exotic.

The Wikipedia describes edible flowers as " flowers that can be consumed safely. Edible flowers may be preserved for future use using techniques such as drying, freezing or steeping in oil. They can be used in drinks, jellies, salads, soups, syrups and main dishes. Flower-flavoured oils and vinegars are made by steeping edible flower petals in these liquids. Candied flowers are crystallized using egg white and sugar (as a preservative)."

Cooking and garnishing can be traced back to biblical times and has roots in almost every culture. Next time you are at a farmers market take some time to smell and taste the flowers.

Just make sure the flowers you use are safe for consumption. Click here for a great chart on edible flowers: 


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