Monday, October 15, 2012

New Creamy Balsamic Glazes from STAR

STAR Balsamic Glazes
STAR Balsamic Glazes
STAR's NEW Balsamic Glazes have a sweet, tangy and intense flavor that compliments the flavors of food they are paired with. 

Adding a beautiful glaze pattern is easy with the glazes' unique packaging. The ergonomic design provides easy use and comfort and the non-drip valve allows for better dosage and application control. 

Infinite Applications
Drizzle a few lines of Modena over salad, pasta or pizza.  Use the Raspberry or Apple glazes to finish fine deserts like cheesecake or tarts.  The balsamic glazes are the perfect embellishment to take a dish 

STAR Raspberry Glaze over cheescake
STAR Raspberry Glaze over cheesecake


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