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Halloween in Spain

Halloween is one of the oldest and the most popular celebrations observed by people all over the
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world. However, the customs and traditions of celebrating differ from place to place. Every country has its own unique pattern of observing the festival. In spite of all the differences, the basic aim behind all these varied customs remains the same. We would love to share with you a glimpse of what Halloween is like in Spain.

In Spain, Halloween is a three-day celebration, starting on October 31st. The first day is referred to as Halloween or Dia de las Brujas (Day of the Witches). This is also called Samhain or Noite dos Calacús (Night of the Pumpkins) in the north-west region of Galicia. This is followed by the celebration of 'All Saints Day' (Dia de Todos los Santos) on November 1st. Finally, on November 2nd, the natives observe the customs and rituals of All Souls' Day (Día de Los Muertos)

The Castanyada is a popular festival, celebrated in Catalonia, mainly on All Saints' Day. In the regions of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. It consists of a meal of chestnuts, panellets (cakes or cookies in different shapes, mostly round, made mainly of marzipan), sweet potato and preserved fruits, typically with moscatell to drink. Around the time of this celebration, it is common for street vendors to sell hot toasted chestnuts wrapped in newspaper. In many places, confectioners often organize raffles of chestnuts and preserved fruit.

There are certain local parties that have spread to the rest of Spain because of the originality of the celebrations. This is the case of the "Tosantos" of Cadiz. If you find yourself in area on All Saints Day, this should not be missed. Shopkeepers and the owners of stalls all decorate their market with their wares for the holiday. The result is a collection of fruits, vegetables and food products like pork and rabbits, all dressed as the celebrities of the moment, offering up amusing and comic aspects of culture and society in a carnival style.

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